About Gestalt therapy

Gestalt therapy is a humanistic therapy. It aims to help clients heighten their awareness of themselves and their ways of relating in the here-and-now and find creative ways of dealing with challenging life situations or personal problems. It is growth and relationship-oriented (dialogical), experiential and existential and sees change as occurring through becoming who you really are.




Relationship problems/crises

Relocation problems/Cultural adjustment


Dealing with traumatic experiences

Unresolved grief

Feeling “stuck” / Wanting to change, but not knowing how


… for example, you feel tired and/or listless, you are sad and tearful, the world seems grey and you don’t seem to enjoy anything anymore

… for example, you often feel anxious or fearful, unable to face certain situations or people, or you may suffer from periodic attacks of extreme anxiety, often triggered by specific situations

… for example, a conflict that has arisen in a close relationship seems difficult to resolve or you are struggling to cope with longer-term differences … or a close relationship has broken up and you feel totally at a loss or disoriented, unable to move on

… for example, you have recently arrived here and are finding it difficult to adjust … feel strange, isolated, miss your familiar environment and sometimes don’t understand what’s expected of you …

… for example, demands at work or in the home have reached such a level that you feel weary and unable to cope; you no longer feel that you can enjoy your work or do it efficiently …

 … for example, you had a traumatic or highly stressful experience recently or some time ago; now you are having strange and uncomfortable, perhaps even scary reactions, e.g. flashbacks, nightmares, sleeplessness, difficulty concentrating … it may seem as if your whole view on life and the world has been shattered …

… you have lost a loved one and are finding hard to cope with feelings of sadness and loss … the grief seems never-ending …